VIP Workshop: Photostyling

If you want to stand out, your brand needs Instagram and Pinterest worthy-images that showcase your style. During this workshop led by PJ Saffran and Kate Frost you’ll learn practical ways to shoot and plan images that represent your brand. Attendees are encouraged to bring products or décor to this workshop, but a variety of props will be available.

This workshop will cover:

  • Shooting in natural light
  • Composition
  • Styling
  • Getting the best from your smartphone camera
  • Editing photographs
  • Hashtags
  • Building a Community and Finding Your Tribe

Meet PJ Saffran of PJ Saffran Photography

PJ Saffran is a wedding photographer living in the heart of Central Florida. She likes to keep things light and airy, just like her pictures. She is a believer in building strong brands through creating a social media marketing. PJ loves to help other creative put on their boss lady pants and find ways to break into their own tribe through social media.