Five Mistakes You’re Making on Instagram and How to Fix Them

No one likes to make mistakes. In Social Media, mistakes are often embarrassing and, in business, can be expensive as well. To help you avoid any missteps on Instagram Social Media Maven Kate Frost will show you 5 Mistakes You’re Making on Instagram (and How to Fix Them!)

Kate is an undisputed Instagram expert. She spent years unlocking the secrets and shortcuts of Instagram. Using that knowledge, she then successfully grew the brand exposure and sales of many national and international companies. Now, she’s ready to share the 5 common mistakes businesses are making on Instagram and easy ways to fix them.

In this eye-opening session, Kate will reveal 5 incredible tips to help you grow your Instagram audience, engagement and ROI. Whether you’re about to get started on Instagram or looking to expand your social strategy, if you are ready to learn 5 Mistakes You’re Making on Instagram (and How to Fix Them!), then you can’t afford to miss this session!

Meet Kate Frost of Polished DigitaL

KateFrost, owner of Polished Digital and Kate Frost Inc,  built her business specializing in automotive digital marketing and her newest venture, Polished Digital, provides digital strategy and curated content for national beauty brands such as Ricky's NYC, Tan Towel, Pop of Color Beauty, Creative Brushes and Pure Abba haircare.