Selling Your Value

As a woman business owner, you have influence when you stand in your power. Your business exists because you want to help other women while changing the planet for the better. So why are so many women underpricing their services and failing to get ahead in their business? People buy because of how you make them feel, and by creating your marketing in alignment with your values and your story, you can create powerful connections that will allow you to change lives. It's time to harness your feminine power and create the business you want with brilliant, heart-centered marketing. It's time to share your brilliant message with the world.

Meet Eryn Morgan of Eagle and Mouse

Eryn Morgan is a marketing and business strategist and founder of Eryn helps creative, female soulpreneurs find dream customers and clients by creating authentic relationships with them. Her spirit animals, Eagle + Mouse, perfectly describe how she helps her clients. Eagle gets up above the business, providing strategy, vision, and big picture perspective. Mouse gets in the business, zooming in on tiny details and encouraging quick action. Eryn believes that your marketing should be as unique as your desire for success and she works with her clients 1:1 in an effort to help them reach their goals with authenticity. Eryn developed her expertise in the literary arts, planning and marketing events for over 75 exceptional writers, including Elizabeth Gilbert, Neil Gaiman, Margaret Atwood, and even Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.