WorkSHOP: Relaunch Your Work

You’ stuck in the day-to-day details of your business with no time to think strategically.  You want a clear plan of action so you can do your genius work, but can't find the time to create it. This workshop led by visual problem solver Emily Marko will train you to use visual tools as a guide to look back and review past work, reflect on lessons you’ve learned and create a future plan of action to implement. Give yourself the space and time to pause and find your direction again. Your future will thank you.

Meet Emily Marko

Emily Marko is a visual storyteller who helps passionate business owners just like you solve complex problems with pictures. Life and business can get messy! Emily's an expert at using visuals to help you capture ideas, build action plans, share stories, and move from chaos to calm.  She's a mix of strategist, coach, and artist, and has been helping clients get clear and take action for over 15 years. Discover how you can organize your brain and solve problems by visiting