Are you selling your value?

Do you ever struggle to feel confident when you’re putting your newest “thing” out into the world? You know it’s valuable, but sometimes you just can’t put that value into words.

Eryn Morgan, a business and marketing strategist based in Pennsylvania, works with entrepreneurs to help them break through this very issue. As a creative, there is a lot of ickiness around profiting from our passions and Eryn dispels the myth that you can’t make a difference AND profit.

During The Boss Lady Retreat on Aug. 26 & 27, Eryn will address these very issues during her presentation “Selling Your Value.” During her presentation, our boss ladies will learn:

  • How to recognize your influence and stand in your power

  • How to price your services so that you can get ahead in your business

  • How to create marketing that is in alignment with your value and your story

  • How to create powerful connections that will allow you to change lives

  • How to harness your feminine power and create the business you want

Eryn is the Founder of Eagle and Mouse and developed her expertise in the literary arts, planning and marketing events for over 75 exceptional writers, including Elizabeth Gilbert, Neil Gaiman, Margaret Atwood, and even Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.She’s worked with creative entrepreneurs, famous writers and women across the country and helped propel many of them into six figure businesses. We are beyond stoked that she’ll be sharing her genius insight and secrets for identifying and then selling your own heart-centered value.

Want to meet Eryn? Join us for a Facebook Live interview on the Boss Lady Retreat Facebook page June 3 at 11 a.m. 

If you are ready to connect with your soul passion and profit, grab your ticket by emailing us at  and getting payment details or register here. 

Lacey McLaughlin