Member Monday: Meet Sandra Abdalian

It’s Member Monday and we’re featuring Sandra Abdalian, a strengths coach from New Smyrna Beach with her own coaching business, Strengths with Sandra. Follow Strengths with Sandra on Facebook or check out her website for more information.

What is your business/career and/or side hustle? 

I am a Strengths Coach! I help individuals and organizations uncover their strengths in order to maximize their potential.  With individuals, this takes the form of Career and Life Coaching, and with organizations it is team-building that helps promote positive communication, collaboration and employee engagement.

What’s one thing you’ve accomplished this year that made you feel boss?  

I started a Mastermind Group of some local ladies who are meeting regularly to inspire and motivate each other to be the best versions of ourselves and live our best lives.

What’s one piece of advice you’d like to share with other boss ladies who are pursuing their passions?

Investing in yourself is the best investment you could ever make!  Your life will be dramatically changed if you invest just a minimal 3% of your income into yourself in the form of books, seminars, coaching etc.  This will skyrocket your success!

What do you want to be known for?  

I want to be known for someone who is always loving and serving others.

What books or resources have inspired or helped you the most?  

My biggest inspiration in starting my own business was Dan Miller at  Between his personal coaching, podcast, and blog I would not be where I am today without him.  He has inspired me to think outside of the box and design the life I want to have.  His book 48 Days to the Work You Love is a must-have for anyone searching to design a career and life they love!

Also, business coaching with my friend Jill Davis at has helped me move to the next level with my business.  You can never underestimate the power of a fantastic coach!

Lacey McLaughlin