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Cultivating  Customer Service Culture

To sell a concept, you have to create a culture. It's not always about being different, standing out or being the best. It’s about creating a relationship between need and want, and finding a way to bridge the gap between the two. What is your culture? What is your expected experience, from start to finish? Is there a signature concept that sets you apart? These are important parts of not just running a successful business, but finding your niche in any market.

Meet Ashly Rose of Dollface Hair Refinery

Ashly Rose has been a hairdresser for a little over a decade, and has a passion for elevating the salon experience. That has transferred into various parts of her life, and led to her obsession with keeping culture and confidence the biggest selling point of her brand. A former Roller Derby star, Ashly has a passion for beauty education, communication and business culture.